Current Emergency Information


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This page will be activated if there is a current incident in which AETF or another agency/response team is operating a temporary shelter or responding to animals left behind.

Pre-designated Reception Centres allowing animals:

“For residents who have already or are in the process of evacuating:

The following reception centre is prepared to house your animals you bring with you:

(Address of reception centre)


There will be food, water, bedding and crates available for your use.

We ask that when evacuating to bring your animals with you or for any reason you are unable please leave a lot of food or water. DO NOT leave any cats or dogs in cages or crates for any reason if you can not not bring them with you.

If your pet has any medications, please bring them with you. We will try to have a vet on site should it be required.

The following is the list of partner Animal Rescues prepared to temporarily house or re-home your animal.”

List of Rescues and contact info:

Introduction of Animal Response:

“All residents of __________________________. We are putting a trained task force in place to retrieve  and care for animals as soon as it is safe to enter the area.

Should you require assistance for your animal(s):  Please fill out the form on the website (Insert web link)  or call the dedicated number (1-8xx-xxx-xxxx)  to ensure your animal(s) are in the system. We ask that you read all questions carefully and give the most detailed responses possible.  At the end of the web form you should receive a message saying SUBMITTED. We ask that once you have received this message please do not reapply for assistance as it creates duplicate entries.  You will be notified when your animal has been located and has completed intake. Please be patient and know we are doing the best we possibly can. Thank you. Further updates to follow.”