About Us

We aim to be an all across Alberta service for municipalities when disaster strikes. We will be educational resource to ensure they include a plan for animals.
We will be an all animal response team, including usual¬† “pet/companion” ( cats, dogs, birds, rodent, reptile, rabbit, etc) as well as “pet/companion”¬† horses, goats, donkeys, chickens, pigs, llamas, exotics, etc.
We are completely not for profit and all funds go towards our Education and Training or Supplies to directly help in a disaster.

Vision & Mission:

We never know when an emergency or disaster will strike. The Animal Emergency Task force is here to ensure we are an advocate for animals ensuring their well-being during such events.

Our Mission is to help animals in an emergency or disaster situation by preparing for, rescuing, receiving and reuniting animals and owners.

Our Vision is to fill the gap and provide a seamless working relationship between local and provincial governments, emergency responders, veterinarians and rescue groups to ensure animal welfare is addressed and managed in an emergency and or natural disaster. This will create a safe and efficient response and therefore reducing costs, risk, liabilities and anxiety to all involved.