Once a threat has been established  or your municipality has issued a State of Local Emergency (SOLE)  and have ordered either a voluntary or mandatory evacuation, please take it seriously.  40 to 60% of people who don’t evacuate, usually do so as they don’t want to leave their pets behind or want to save their homes.  Please realize that by not having a plan or evacuating you are putting yourself, your animals and emergency responders at risk.   While it is your right to choose, please be aware that there are options for evacuating with pets.   Some Emergency Operations will allow pets temporarily, there are pet-friendly accommodations and in times of major disasters, many not listed will still accept animals.  Local animal rescue shelters and humane societies may have space to hold on to animals temporarily.

If you evacuate, please take your pets with you! They undergo an extreme amount of stress and it can be very detrimental to their health.  Find out if the local Emergency Reception Centre is allowing animals.  Try to have your plan executed before hand, so you know where you will be going with your pet.  Even if you are not staying at the Reception Centre, please check in so you will be accounted for.

Should it be required and is allowed by your municipality, there may be another organization that has opened an Animal Emergency Shelter.  Please ask and follow instructions.

Should your animal be left behind, wait for the appropriate notification of which agency or rescue will be providing responses.  Follow the instructions on how to request assistance.  Please do not try to re-enter as it is a danger to many.  Animals are important. To most of us they are our family, but in emergency situations human lives will take precedence in the eyes of any first responder.   Stickers for you home listing the number of animals and species will be the best resource for first responders to rescue your animals.   You can purchase a pre-made sticker here: https://aetf.ca/?page_id=285